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A Closer Look at the Proposed Condominium Law Reforms in Malta

Malta’s burgeoning urban landscape, characterised by a rising number of apartment buildings and condominiums, has placed increased strain on the existing Condominium Act enacted in 1997 (Chapter 398 of the Laws of Malta). Despite serving as the primary legal framework alongside Chapter 16 of the Civil Code, the Act is perceived as outdated, struggling to address the complexities of contemporary condominium living.  

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The Complete Guide: Malta’s Updated Advertising and Marketing Law for 2023

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Advertising in Malta is subject to a comprehensive framework of laws and regulations. Within this context, the Consumer Affairs Act (Chapter 378 of the Laws of Malta) and Broadcasting Act (Chapter 350 of the Laws of Malta) are the primary sources of legislation regulating advertising in Malta. While the Consumer Affairs Act is relevant to all forms of advertisement, the Broadcasting Act (Chapter 350 of the Laws of Malta) is particularly applicable within the broadcasting and media sectors.

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Navigating Controversy: Malta’s Proposed Legislation Aims to Safeguard Operators from International Legal Challenges


Malta’s Parliament has taken steps to ensure that companies operating under the Maltese online gaming license continue to enjoy the benefits and protections of this license.
In recent years, a number of players who have placed bets with Malta licensed iGaming operators and lost, have sought to cancel their loss and recover their money by suing said operators for reimbursement. The cases were primarily filed in Austria and the central thrust of the litigation is based on the fact that these operators did not have an Austrian gaming license too.

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A closer look at Malta’s new Employment Laws

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on life at work, making the topic of employment flexibility and work-life balance more prominent than ever before. EU Directive 2019/1152 on transparent and predictable working conditions was transposed into Maltese legislation through Legal Notice 267 of 2022 (“Legal Notice”) and applies to all employment relationships with effect from 1 August 2022.

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