Each day economic and financial borders dissolve a little bit further, resulting in increased global components to daily transactions. When business transactions take on a multi-jurisdictional facet, the matter can easily transform into a complex tangle of legal requirements. This inevitably attracts an increased margin of error, which could result incostly fines or lost opportunities. By employing the help of experts, your business transactions are always protected and performing optimally.


How AE Legal can help

Our team understands the intricacies of cross-border transactions and is ready to assist you across multiple time zones, in various languages and with any currencies that might apply. AE Legal’s portfolio is made up of clients across a range ofsizes and specialties. These include global financial institutions and corporations that deal with high-profile, complex cross-border transactions including securities offerings, joint ventures, restructures, divestitures, project financings, leveraged buyouts, capital markets transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. AE Legal has all the skills necessary to guide the client from the planning stage, straight through to execution. We do this by anticipating theclients’ needs and responding proactively and flexibly. Our process involves definingthe key issues and developing practical solutions to the most challenging matters. Talk to our highly trained team to find out how they can help you to manage cross-border transactions with  results-oriented focus. We can ensure solutions that make transactions faster, smoother and more efficient.