Shareholder Representations

A shareholder representative acts as the proxy for shareholders as they move to sell. This generally occurs during mergers and acquisitions. By the very nature of the duties required of a representative, they will be privy to highly sensitive information. For this reason it’s of particular importance that the chosen representatives are trustworthy and professional at all times. AE Legal specialises in these services, ready to represent your needs acrosslaw, accounting, finance and dispute resolution. Choosing AE Legal means that you’re entrusting your company to dedicated and experienced professionals who deliver the quality you should rightly expect.

How AE Legal Can Help

There are a number of ways our team can offer support. Our process is adjusted according to the client’s unique requirements, employing a method that centres on prevention to ensure successful conclusions.

Advice and Review

We candraftand reviewletters of intent and acquisition agreements.At this point we can also ensure that the undertaking is proceeding in the right way, identifying any potential pitfalls at an early stage.

Support and Communication

We work closely with all parties involvedto ensure a smooth closing and timely distributions to shareholders. If necessary, our team will also keep shareholders in the loop with detailed progressreports. Our people are always on hand to answer any questions and address all concerns.


We respond to and oversee all potential and actual indemnification claims from the buyer, including those which may result from third party claims. Handling these matters at the earliest possible stage ensure any associated costs are minimised.

Dispute Resolution

Our team is well versed in all forms of dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitrationmediation and negotiation. We can advise on which method is most suited to the situation for the quickest and most cost effective resolution.

Distribution of Proceeds

We oversee the distribution of all amounts to shareholders throughout the post-closing process. AE Legal also has the support of fully trained in-house accounting specialists.

Tax Review

Should the need arise, we also have the resources to review all tax returns. This will serve to determine whether there are any refunds due to shareholders either legally or contractually.

This is just a snapshot of the services on offer, and by no means an exhaustive list. Use the form below to start a conversation with AE Legal, and we’ll tell you exactly how we can help. For more information on other corporate services we provide, you can also visit AE.

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